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Generations Sharing Housing

The majority of Remodeling projects we undertake transform single family homes into Generations Sharing Housing and/or incorporate Aging in Place concepts.

Generations Sharing Housing is again becoming a popular alternative to utilizing the services of nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Shared Housing Option

For some families, remodeling the home of an adult child or other family member to accommodate an elder is a good alternative to look into.

For more information, please read our article, "Generations Shared Housing: An alternative to nursing homes or assisted living."


How Can We Help?

We help people:

  • Make it easier to accomplish activities of daily living (dressing, eating, bathing).

  • Live in a safer environment and help prevent accidents for the elderly or less mobile resident.

  • Increase their independence and live more comfortably.

A Comfortable, Appealing, Supportive Living Environment

The options available are almost limitless and often are described by terms like universal designbarrier-free design, or special needs. Regardess of how the need is described, Albright Remodeling has the resources (architectsfinancing, and years of building expertise) to assess your situation and create the environment that meets your needs.

On our Aging In Place page, we show several examples of our work with chair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and ADA-compliant bathrooms below.

Albright Remodeling has also added bedroomsfamily roomshome officesthree season and sunroomshot tub roomsgaragesover-the-top additions, and whole-house extreme makeovers.


Albright Remodeling helps families upgrade their homes to bring them more enjoyment, provide space for growing families or leisurely pursuits, and take advantage of new technology for cleaner, more efficient operation.


We have remodeled kitchen cabinetry and custom furniture as well as porchesfireplace mantels, and storefronts, decks, and other projects


Remodeling Projects We Specialize in...

Custom Furniture
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