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Why Albright

The Albright Way

Jim, Sherre and the team offers a full range of support, including:

  • Familiarity with ALL types of Remodeling, including: Generations Sharing Housing (In-Law), Home Modifications for People with Disabilities, Universal Design, Extreme Makeovers, Over the Top Additions, and Better Use of Existing Space

  • Uninterrupted completion of your project, on time and on budget - we are there 5 days a week until we are done!

  • Thorough attention to detail and assistance with the design and planning of your project.

  • Personal service and neat, courteous, reliable performance from a stable, dependable crew.

  • Show respect for your home as we do your project by adhering to the folllowing:

No Muddy Shoes or Boots Allowed In Your Home

No Alcohol or Drug Abuse Tolerated

No Off-Color Language or Dress

No Loud Music


All Staff are


The Albright Process

At Albright Remodeling, we are glad to sit down with a homeowner and discuss a project. We begin with an initial visit where we try to find out what a homeowner wants to accomplish. We review things many homeowners aren’t aware of such how feasible the location they have selected may be for adding a structure, local codes and their possible impact, changes that may be needed in existing plumbing, heating, and electrical supply, resale value added by the proposed project, and approximate cost.

If, after this initial meeting, the project still has merit in the homeowner’s eyes, we suggest a meeting with one of our architects to develop preliminary plans. We may feel you need to see some ideas on paper to help you visualize the outcome you have in mind. We also may suggest a visit to one or more completed Albright Remodeling projects similar to yours to help visualize what final results will be.

Sketches approved by the homeowner then become finished plans. Most additions take three to six weeks to complete. Everyone has heard horror stories about the kitchen that took six months to complete or the addition started in the spring and finished in winter when it was supposed to be a four-week job.

It’s the policy of Albright Remodeling that, once we start your job, we stay on it every day except Sunday until it is completed. We emphasize neatness, keep you informed with daily progress reports, and of course, have complete insurance coverage. We will gladly supply references for any type of project upon request.

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